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Sometimes Bears Need Adjusting Too

Blue Bear showed a two point left break on the NCM and a short left leg. Auggie and I determined through palpation and an atlas challenge, we needed to produce an adjustic thrust from the left. He did a great … Continue reading

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The Atlas Of Life

The Atlas of Life Chiropractic Blog is a great place to learn about Upper Cervical Chiropractic. Take some time and read through what they have to offer.

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Black Tie Seminars

Time to get back to basics with some old time Chiropractic.

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Volume XX

HIO calls for precision, efficient, accurate, competent, and honest work at every step of the way. Getting sick people well is largely a question of (a) understanding of depth to which Chiropractic applies (b) understanding of methods Innate works in … Continue reading

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The Penalty of Leadership

The Penalty of Leadership

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The Story of Being Neck Conscious


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Proper Graphing Technique

Proper graphing technique is important regardless of the type of thermal recording instrument used. The patient should be in a neutral and natural position. A posture constant chair facilitates this, but using the left arm and hand to support the … Continue reading

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The Chiropractor – Chiropractic Technique Notes

In an effort to start the dialog about specific cervical chiropractic, I thought it appropriate to start with the fundamentals. Dr. Crowder always recommended understanding the fundamentals before moving forward into more complex thinking. What better place to begin then … Continue reading

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