NCGH Readings

Bilateral Temperature Differential

In light of the recent passing of my friend and mentor, Dr. John V. Whaley, I thought some Chiropractic in order.
The red lines you see here are temperature differential lines. They start from the base of the neck and finish just under the back of the skull called the occiput.
Chiropractors started running these readings in the early 1920’s. It is a major distinction between Chiropractors.
These readings describe when and when not to initiate care (provide an adjustic thrust). A person will develop a pattern, consistent and persistent reading over time. The static nature of the reading indicates the patient is not adapting well to the internal or external environment. The nerve system is having trouble processing information and struggling to direct individual cells in the proper way.
Once a Chiropractic Adjustment is given, the goal is to see a change in the temperature differential reading. As you can see from these two readings, they are different. The straighter reading indicates a higher level of adaptation. This individual is processing information better and cells are being directed appropriately.
Next time you see your Chiropractor, ask if they have a Neurocalometer & Neurocalograph.

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  1. Gene ONeill says:

    Concise, Perfect. Well said, Dr John

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