Volume XX

HIO calls for precision, efficient, accurate, competent, and honest work at every step of the way. Getting sick people well is
largely a question of
(a) understanding of depth to which Chiropractic applies
(b) understanding of methods Innate works in a human body
(c) discrimination between right and wrong interpretation of constants and variables of spinographs
(d) correct and incorrect interpretations of long or short “break” neurocalograph NCM readings
(e) judgment exercised on what to do, what not to do; when to adjust, when not to adjust; where to adjust, where not to
adjust; how to adjust, how not to adjust, etc.
(f) under adjusting rather than over adjusting a case
(g) interpretation of actions and reactions and discrimination between true and false re tracing as a result of right or wrong
(h) teaching cases to become “atlas conscious” and protecting their adjustment in its re tension
(i) using every, any, and all precautions to protect adjustment once given, thru care in getting off adjusting table, providing
ambulatory couches from adjusting table to rest rooms, having rest rooms, and insisting upon their not-less-than-2-hour
use, etc.
It takes little to adjust a subluxation; it takes little to upset it, yet everything revolves around both. Each must be safe
guarded, in preparation on one side and protection upon other. No Chiropractor can afford to be careless on either side of this
all important issue.

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