Sometimes Bears Need Adjusting Too

Blue Bear showed a two point left break on the NCM and a short left leg. Auggie and I determined through palpation and an atlas challenge, we needed to produce an adjustic thrust from the left. He did a great job of keeping the patient stable as I took contact.
After 10 minutes of rest, the NCM reading through the neck was zero and the legs were balanced.
Sometimes bears need adjusting too.

Taking Contact for Blue Bear's Adjustment

Preparing to Adjust Blue Bear

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NCGH Readings

Bilateral Temperature Differential

In light of the recent passing of my friend and mentor, Dr. John V. Whaley, I thought some Chiropractic in order.
The red lines you see here are temperature differential lines. They start from the base of the neck and finish just under the back of the skull called the occiput.
Chiropractors started running these readings in the early 1920’s. It is a major distinction between Chiropractors.
These readings describe when and when not to initiate care (provide an adjustic thrust). A person will develop a pattern, consistent and persistent reading over time. The static nature of the reading indicates the patient is not adapting well to the internal or external environment. The nerve system is having trouble processing information and struggling to direct individual cells in the proper way.
Once a Chiropractic Adjustment is given, the goal is to see a change in the temperature differential reading. As you can see from these two readings, they are different. The straighter reading indicates a higher level of adaptation. This individual is processing information better and cells are being directed appropriately.
Next time you see your Chiropractor, ask if they have a Neurocalometer & Neurocalograph.

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Vertebral Subluxation and the Work Place

April is vertebral subluxation and the workplace month

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The Atlas Of Life

The Atlas of Life Chiropractic Blog is a great place to learn about Upper Cervical Chiropractic. Take some time and read through what they have to offer.

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Black Tie Seminars

Time to get back to basics with some old time Chiropractic.

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Things need to happen now to save our professionCCE revision form

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Volume XX

HIO calls for precision, efficient, accurate, competent, and honest work at every step of the way. Getting sick people well is
largely a question of
(a) understanding of depth to which Chiropractic applies
(b) understanding of methods Innate works in a human body
(c) discrimination between right and wrong interpretation of constants and variables of spinographs
(d) correct and incorrect interpretations of long or short “break” neurocalograph NCM readings
(e) judgment exercised on what to do, what not to do; when to adjust, when not to adjust; where to adjust, where not to
adjust; how to adjust, how not to adjust, etc.
(f) under adjusting rather than over adjusting a case
(g) interpretation of actions and reactions and discrimination between true and false re tracing as a result of right or wrong
(h) teaching cases to become “atlas conscious” and protecting their adjustment in its re tension
(i) using every, any, and all precautions to protect adjustment once given, thru care in getting off adjusting table, providing
ambulatory couches from adjusting table to rest rooms, having rest rooms, and insisting upon their not-less-than-2-hour
use, etc.
It takes little to adjust a subluxation; it takes little to upset it, yet everything revolves around both. Each must be safe
guarded, in preparation on one side and protection upon other. No Chiropractor can afford to be careless on either side of this
all important issue.

Page 26

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The Penalty of Leadership

The Penalty of Leadership

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World’s strongest man and Chiropractic

“I was affected in a very positive way by a Palmer grad in the early 1980s. I wouldn’t be who am today without him. My Palmer chiropractor helped me win competitions and become the World’s Strongest Man three years running.” ~Mr. Kazmaier World’s Strongest Man from 1980 to 1982.

Source – Palmer Highlights – April 26, 2010

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The Story of Being Neck Conscious


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